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Kindergarten - High School

You know your baby like the back of your hand; you changed diapers, wiped tears, kissed bumps and bruises, but one day you put them on a school bus, and they were in someone else's hands.  The school system is huge, the words the people at those meetings say are confusing, and maybe sometimes you just feel at a loss.  Maybe the teachers are asking you what to do with your child in the classroom?  Maybe you are at a loss with what to do with your child at home when it comes to homework?  Maybe you feel your child isn't making progress?  Maybe you are confused about your child's disability, their potential, their future?  Maybe you don't even know what you don't know, and you don't know where to start? 

Give me a call... we'll start at the beginning, and I'll go at your pace until we get a plan in place that you are happy with.  You and your child do not have to struggle.  I can have your back.   

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*In-person attendance at CSE meetings is only available for families who live in Rochester, NY at this time.

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